To Seva Samithis

08 April 2016


Sri Ramakrishna Seva Samithis

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana


Dear Friend,

                                                                    Sub: Sister Nivedita Quiz Contest

You are already  aware of the  significant role played by  Sister Nivedita  in the great Mission of swami Vivekananda in  the regeneration of India.   It has been decided to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Sister Nivedita in a befitting way all over the country so that  our young generation are made aware of her contribution and get inspiration for the progress of the nation.  In this direction it has been decided to conduct a written  quiz contest this year in AP & Telangana.  We are enclosing with this letter  3  sets of the  following papers connected with  Sister Nivedita Quiz contest to be held this year in AP and Telangana:

  • Letters to schools with salient features of the contest
  • Data Sheet for schools

Please go through the same carefully and  contact as many  schools  in your area  as possible and through them enroll students. Each participant has to pay a fee of Rs.10/-. All the participants will get one Telugu  book on Sister Nivedita (112 pages priced at Rs 15/-) and a question paper.  (if you need more copies you can make photocopies and distribute or  ask from us for the same. 

As mentioned in the papers to schools,  they can enroll as many students as they like from the class  VI to Class 10, in the multiples of 25 students. It is desired that a school enroll  at least 200 students .  It would be very nice:

  • If you can  help them in  the process of enrolment,
  • Help them in sending the total amount collected from the students  with filled up Data Sheet . It can be scanned & sent by whatsapp to 9885320286 or by email to <>. (You need to first add this mobile number to your whatsapp contact)
  • Receive books from the Ashrama for all the schools in your area and distribute them,
  • Collect the answer sheets and send them all, in separate bundles for each school, together to us.

(please note that if you incur any expenditure for courier charges on this account we shall reimburse the same). If you need any  clarifications in this regard, please do not hesitate to ring in the working hours   9 to 12am  and  3.30 to 6.30pm.   contact cell No  9885320286 or 9440989503

Looking forward for Sevasamithis’ active participation

Yours in the service of the Lord

Swami Atmavidananda