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Dear Friend,

                                                          Sub: ‘SISTER NIVEDITA QUIZ’

Margaret Elizebeth Nobel who was inspired by Swami Vivekananda came to India and gave her whole life for the good of India, especially for the education of Indian women. Swamiji  gave her the name Nivedita.   For commemorating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita, a written quiz contest called SISTER NIVEDITA QUIZ is being conducted in schools from Upper primary to Secondary level.  School students from all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana can participate in this

The contest is very simple.  A small book on the important life incidents and teachings of Sister Nivedita  in Telugu will be the  source book.   All the questions will be from that source book.  The source book and question papers will be  supplied to all the candidates who enroll  for the Open book written quiz

Students will be divided into two Groups:

                                   Group A    Classes 6th  & 7th standard

                                   Group B    Classes 8th  to 10th  standard..


Students have to read the book and find the correct answers to the questions (which are mostly in objective type) and write in Telugu or English.   At the end of the question paper a space is provided for writing a small essay of 50 words.  Students should answer the questions and also write the essay  and return it to us through their school, retaining the acknowledgment slip provided as part of question paper having the same serial number as the question paper.

After first level of evaluation, a prize with a certificate will be awarded at  the rate of one for every  25  candidates. These prizes will be sent to the respective schools for distribution. There is no limit to the number of students for a school but it is desired that the number should be in multiples of 25. If each school can enroll at least 200 students or more  it will be very fine.  

The first round winners’ papers  will be re-evaluated to select top 150 candidates  for  second round contest to be held at the Visakhapatnam Ashrama on 28th October 2016 (150th birth day of Sister Nivedita)  and the final oral round and Prizes distribution will be held on the same day.   Top prizes with certificates  will be awarded as follows:

I Prize  value  Rs.10000/-,  II prize  8000/-, III prize 5000/-

Prizes will be 50%   in Cash and 50% in books/articles (Ramakrishna Mission Literature,CDs, photos etc)

The  winners selected  for the Second round with one escort will be given  one-way bus fare/sleeper fare  for participating in the second round and  prize distribution ceremony to be held at this mission campus on 28th October 2016.  Please carefully read the enclosed Salient features of the contest for details.

Thanking you with best wishes and Namaskars

Yours in the service of the Lord

Swami Atmavidananda                                      


For any queries contact 9885320286  or   9247272764                                                                                                                                                                      


Salient  features  of the contest

  1. Entry fee for each candidate  (including the cost of the book priced at Rs.15/-and question paper)     Rs. 10/-
  2. There is no limit to the number of students to  participate from a school.  However, for every 25 students from a school, a prize and certificate will be awarded. It is desired a school enroll at least 200 students or more .   Schools should collect the entry fee (10/- each) from  all the willing students and send total amount by  Demand Draft [They can also transfer the amount online to our account RK Mision Programs A/c #  104710100040801,  at Andhra Bank, RK Mission branch. IFSC code:  ANDB0001047]  to our Address along with filled up Data Sheet  by email/post/courier (with scanned copy of the paying in slip in case of e-transfer) . Last date for receipt of the  Data Sheet and payment is 30th June 2016
  3. Copies of the books (only in Telugu) and question papers  for enrolled candidates will be sent by courier or transport  or through our volunteers to the schools between1.7.2016 to 15.7.2016

4.Answers can be in Telugu or English. All filled in Answer sheets should have the seal and signature of the  Principal/Head Master of the school

  1. The last date to receive the filled in  Question papers at the Ashrama is 15.8.2016.
  2. Prizes and certificates for the winners of first round (at the rate of 1 for every 25 students) will be dispatched to the schools between 10 to 20 Sept 2016 either by courier or post parcel or through volunteers. These are to be distributed by the respective schools at their convenience.
  3. Top 150 candidates from the 1st round winners will be reevaluated and invited for the second written round to be held at the Ashrama on 28 October 2016 (150th birthday of Sister Nivedita).   Questions in this round will be from the same book and also from Story of Vivekananda (Part of the 1st round prize).  Participants should answer from memory (not seeing the books)
  4. From the second round participants, 15 candidates will be selected for the final round oral quiz (questions from the same above two books) . This will be held on the same day in the afternoon.     
  5. Prize distribution for the top winners  will be held immediately after the final round (on 28 October 2016).
  6. Participants for the second and final rounds with one escort will be paid  one way bus fare/sleeper train fare. They will also be provided with Noon Prasad (Lunch) at the Ashrama on that day
  7. Each school will also receive a Letter of thanks and a Gift.
  8. All the heads of the educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are requested to motivate for maximum participation from their schools so that students get the opportunity to study Sister Nivedita and Swami Vivekananda and win prizes.

(An  Important Note:  Students should be clearly advised that they should attempt answers by them selves and not copy from other candidates.  If mass copying is detected during evaluation, such answer sheets en-bloc  will disqualify for any prize)

  • Please fill up the data sheet sent with this letter along with the proof of payment as soon as the amount is deposited in to our account. Those who have difficulty in  E transfer of the amount may send the same by cash in person  or by  Bank Demand Draft.   Last date for receipt of the  Data Sheet with payment is  30th June 2016. Filled up Data Sheet  can be scanned & sent by whatsapp to 9885320286 or by email to <>