Upcoming Courses:




Yoga & Meditation :  for Men and Women

Guided Meditation :  4 days course

Summer Camp For Youth : (age 15 to 25) only boys.

Soft Skills Development Program : 3 month course

Topics covered: Communication Skills, Interview techniques, Presentation skills, Communicative English, Self Management, Problem solving, Decision making, Personality Development.

Ten day Spoken Sanskrit Courses : 10  Days 

Starting from June 16th  July 2018

Sanskrit Learning Through Bhagavadgita : 15 month Course 

Starting from June 1 st 2018
Classes – 2 days a week every Monday, Tuesday
From 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm
Course fee Rs.1000/- including text books.
Evaluation after 3 months through a test.
Eligibility: Those who have attended 10 day spoken Sanskrit course
Maximum intake 30 students

Contact VIE office for details
Contact No. 9182136017

Contact Timings :       

09: 00 am To 01:00  pm   

04:00 pm  To 08:00 pm   

Sunday Holiday




                                         DATE : March 1st 2018 9.30 am


                                           IN THE HOLY PRESENCE OF
                               Srimat Swami Raghaveshanandaji Maharaj
                       Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Math, Ootakmund, Tamil Nadu 


                                       INAUGURATION BY CHIEF GUEST
                                               Sri M.T.Krishna Babu, IAS
                        Chairman, Visakhapatnam Port Trust, Visakhapatnam


                                                    GUEST OF HONOUR
                                                    Sri Anant Barbadikar
                      Chairman & Managing Director, Pharmazell (Vizag) P Ltd


09.00 amPooja in the new building

09.30 amInauguration

10.00 am : Public Meeting at Lecture Hall


Programmes proposed to be started in the Vivek Institute of Excellence :           (All the programmes to have Values Education Component)


Sanskrit Learning Courses: Swami Vivekananda had visualised
that if our country has to get back its glory, we should propagate
Sanskrit learning, Keeping this in mind, it is proposed to start
Sanskrit courses in this institute. In the beginning we may start
spoken Sanskrit courses in collaboration with Samskrita Bharati
and add other long term courses in due course.

Yoga and Meditation: It is a known fact that Yoga is a very effective
non-sectarian course for attaining the highest state of blessedness.
And added to that, the basic yoga and meditation are efficacious
for mental and physical health. It is proposed to start basic yoga
and meditation courses

Soft skills development programme: It has been found that our
youngsters are getting only theoretical knowledge but the needed
soft skills in the actual working fields is rarely given to them. We
propose to start soft skill courses in this institute to cater to various
segments of the people.

Computer training : About 10 – 15 computers are proposed to be
set up for professional courses as per the need of hour in the open

ICT Network Based Learning Centres: It is proposed to set up
a nodal centre at the institute for providing coaching in school
subjects like English, Maths and Science etc., by the experts, for
the distant centres to be set up in small towns and villages.
Occasional Residential Youth Camps: Youth camps for young
men from the intermediate and under graduate level students for
providing holistic guidance for their all-round development.The camps may be for two days on weekends.